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January, 2000
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Felonies are the most serious type of criminal case and almost always include the real possibility of incaeceration in prison with the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Crimes are classified as felony for several reasons:

•the amount of money involved
•the seriousness of injuries caused
•almost ANY drug cases not involvoing marijuana drug cases
•or, aggravating circumstances based upon a defendant's
previous criminal history, with DUIs.

Again, felonies are the most serious types of criminal cases, and should be treated accordingly. If you are facing a felony charge, your personal liberty, financial livelihood and criminal record are at stake. You should be represented by an experienced attorney with whom you are comfortable.

David Rafferty has handled felonies, including plea negotiations, evidentiary hearings, bench and jury trials for almost ten years, from both sides of the fence. David Rafferty can provide experienced representation at a reasonable cost.

Contact David Rafferty at 773.837.4493 for a free consultation of your felony criminal case.

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