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June, 2006 to present

2006 - present
Illinois State Bar Association

2006 - present
American Bar Association

March, 2001 to May, 2006
Asst. State's Attorney
DuPage County

Prosecutor of the Year
DuPage County

Admitted to Illinois Bar

January, 2000
The John Marshall Law School
Chicago, IL
Juris Doctor

College of Rathmines
Dublin, Ireland
Master of International Law

University College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland
Bachelor of Arts (cum laude)
Juvenile Arrests, Neglect & Abuse

Juvenile Delinquency - Arrests and Criminal cases:

Juvenile cases are unlike adult cases in that purpose is not punishment or retribution but more so remediation. The goals are to provide assistance for any problems that may a minor may have. Families, most importantly parents, are closely involved in the juvenile court process. Juvenile cases are generally private - the courtrooms are small and the records are not accessible to the public. If cases go well, they can be expunged as early as the minor's 17th birthday. On the other hand, some offenses require probation periods of 5 years automatically.

Under some circumstances, juvenile cases may be transferred to adult court. In most circumstances, this requires a hearing where a judge has a chance to make a ruling based upon factors such as the severity of the crime, or the history of the minor.

A minor in Illinois for juvenile cases is somebody under age 17. They must be represented in court.

I have been defending juvenile cases since 2006, and before that I spent almost two years prosecuting them. I have the background, experience and knowledge to guide a minor and help his family through what can be a confusing and difficult process. I charge reasonable rates, and provide quality representation.

Contact David Rafferty and Associates at 773.837.4493 to arrange for a free consultation on your child's case.

Juvenile Abuse and Neglect - DCFS cases:

These are cases where the State is seeking to intervene in a child's life based upon some allegations of parental act or omission. Often this involves the Department of Children and Family Services, or related agencies.

While the role of the court system and/or DCFS in these cases is to ameliorate any situation and return the child to the parents. For parents, however, the process can be confusing and scary. The cases can go on for years, and in extreme situations the very rights of a parent with regard to the child are at stake.

I have years of experience defending, prosecuting and appealing these cases. For a free consultation of a juvenile neglect or abuse case, call criminal defense attorney David Rafferty and Associates at 773.837.4493

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