David M. Rafferty
David Rafferty & Associates
June, 2006 to present

2006 - present
Illinois State Bar Association

2006 - present
American Bar Association

March, 2001 to May, 2006
Asst. State's Attorney
DuPage County

Prosecutor of the Year
DuPage County

Admitted to Illinois Bar

January, 2000
The John Marshall Law School
Chicago, IL
Juris Doctor

College of Rathmines
Dublin, Ireland
Master of International Law

University College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland
Bachelor of Arts (cum laude)
David Michael Rafferty, Attorney-at-Law
David Rafferty is an attorney-at-law specializing in criminal, juvenile and traffic defense across a number of jurisdictions throughout the Chicagoland area, including: the City of Chicago and Cook, Dupage, Lake & Will County.

A former DuPage County prosecutor from 2001-2006, David Rafferty was assigned to misdemeanor, juvenile, traffic and felony trial divisions; has litigated hundreds of bench trials and dozens of jury trials. In 2004 David Rafferty was named the 2004 Misdemeanor Prosecutor of the Year in DuPage County.

Now, David Rafferty brings his knowledge of the prosecution of criminal, juvenile and traffic offenses and his years of experience to the defense of the most important criminal cases; yours!

Call David Rafferty and Associates at our new number 773.837.4493.

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